How To Start A Blog

Step by step how to create a blog

I think these days everyone has or wants to make a blog but not everyone earns money from their blogs.
so in this article, I will explain step by step how to start your blog.
please note, that this article is one of many articles that explains step by step how to earn money from a blog or a website. so make sure to check all the related articles
why make a blog and not a dedicated website?

  • Simply a blog is the cheapest, fastest, and easier way to start your first online business. you can make a totally free blog on blogger by google, which they did a great job in making it a very simple and user-friendly experience.
  • when you make your blog free on google you don't need to buy a domain and secure it. (ease of use)

how do you earn money from your blog?

  • earning money from a blog needs work, effort, and consistency. the first way to earn money through your blog is through Adsense. a website or a blog can publish ads through its pages using Adsense. I will be publishing multiple articles about Adsense because it is a very big subject to discuss.

  • a second way to earn money is through affiliate marketing. which it is the act of advertising other companies or website products (physical or digital Products )

That was a short summary of the reasons and ways that you need to start your online blog and start earning money.

how to start your first blog?

Simply :

  1. You need to make a Gmail account (if you don't already have one) and it is very easy.
  2. Then you will go to & then press on Create a Blog and it will ask you to sign in with your email address.
  3. After that, you will get the below screen asking for the name of the blog
  4. Then you are asked to name your site. So choose one that is related to your blog subject and easy to remember.
  5. Then you will enter your name knowing that the name will be displayed to be readers.

and congratulation all done. You have just created your first blog that simple.

explanation of the blogger menu:

The first thing you see in the menu on the left that has everything that you need to control and customize your blog

  1. Posts Tab: in the post tab you can add your articles and content that will be available for your readers to scroll through.
  2. Stats Tab: this tab is very important because here you can have an overview of the visitors that visit your blog and monitor how your blog is doing.
  3. Comments Tab: it will show you all the visitor's comments on all your articles so you can manage and read them.
  4. Earnings Tab: the most important tab when you start earning money gives you information on how much and from which article you are getting paid.
  5. Pages Tab: another important tab because here you will make pages like the privacy page, terms and conditions, and whatever You want.
  6. Layout Tab: This tab where you can arrange your blog Features like menus, sidebar, header & footer ..etc. 
  7. Theme Tab: here you can choose the look and color for your blog from the standard themes or import it if you have a compatible one.
  8. Settings Tab: This tab is very important because here you can manage your blog settings to be functional and easy to reach.


Blogger is the best choice for beginners and is the best choice that I personally advise everyone to start with until you get the knowledge and experience to move to a dedicated website. why i say move to a dedicated site? because it is true that blogger is the easiest and simplest way to start but it is still limited due to the simplicity and while your blog is growing you need to start thinking about this step eventually. but as a beginner take it step by step and start from here.

Note: Please take note that there will be more articles about Blogger on how to set it up,. how to rank in SEO, how to write an article, and more, Also if you have any comments, any questions or any request please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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