How to write an article compatible with SEO and loved by search engines? A very important topic that concerns many people interested in the field of SEO.

Its importance lies in the results of mastering this art, which is to increase the chances of your site’s articles appearing in search engines and being ranked first on the first pages.


  • Introduction to an SEO-friendly article.
  • Writing an SEO-friendly article and understanding the ranking factors.
  • How to write an SEO-friendly article: a practical application.
  • Watch out for these ideas as you write an SEO-friendly article.
  • How to write an SEO-friendly article: Article Sources!.
  • Writing an SEO-friendly article with Yoast SEO.
  • Writing an SEO Friendly Article: Important Questions.

- Introduction to an SEO friendly article.

Mastering the skill of writing and improving articles for search engines (search engine optimization), which takes into account and respects various SEO standards, is a treasure from which you can make a lot of money on the Internet, whether you use it on your personal sites or provide it as a service.

However, you should be aware that just a few people have truly mastered this art… Style, language, coordination, and SEO criteria are what I mean by mastery.

After that, there are those other supporting factors. SEO is the juice of experience and skill that an individual gains via repeated practice and learning from mistakes.


Writing an SEO friendly article and understanding the ranking factors.

You should know that there is no certain scientific fact, or a special magic mixture that enables you to lead in search engines easily. Rather, they are rules and standards agreed upon by most experts and veterans of this field through their experiences and access to periodic updates and recommendations of the search engine, otherwise only Google controls Finally, in this matter, it remains for us to strive and make continuous efforts.

There is no doubt that SEO factors evolve year after year. In the past, the lead was very simple, as it is enough for the target word to be present in the article title and description, and repeat it within the article several times, to ensure easy leadership, and even create external links or what is known as backlinks, It was simple and random and helps you to lead quickly but today all has been changed and become much harder to rank in SEO.

Accordingly, it is necessary to be familiar with the leading factors before you think of writing an article compatible with SEO, and the leading factors at the present time have become based on four main axes, which are:


1- Artificial intelligence (BrainRank)

Day after day, the search engine is developing and understanding very intelligently what the visitor really wants, and this is shown by the visitor’s attraction to your content and staying for a long time on your site, when, for example, your search for a word “benefits of Chia seeds”.

SEO friendly

The role of artificial intelligence here is to display the best content that the visitor interacted with, whether by frequently clicking on the link because of an interesting title or attractive description, or by providing content that attracts the reader and makes him stay as long as possible, and thus this factor may make you top on competing and old sites.

So often you find that the search engine Google suddenly tries to put your article on the first page to see how much your audience interacts with it, and if the interaction is as it should, you will have great luck staying on that page where everyone is competing to appear on it.

2- Content

Google respects a lot of sites whose owners are keen to provide unique content that the visitor interacts with and loves, and from here we have already said that specializing in a particular field is very important and helps to lead.

The content is required to be distinctive and exclusive – as much as possible – and the writing style is sound, and the article really answers what the visitor is looking for without any extra cost.

The researcher looking for “the benefits of working out”, wants to know everything related to “Chia Seeds”, and here comes your role in providing content that covers this article in all its aspects so that the visitor comes out satisfied, and little by little relates to your site.

In order to be aware of the topic in all its aspects, your content must be rich in (LSI keywords), which are the auxiliary words and their synonyms related to your topic and your targeted word, which has become one of the things that make a big difference in the leading factor, where you can sometimes lead with a topic that covers an important number of LSI without the need to external links.

3- BackLinks

A factor that will always and forever be one of the most important and prominent criteria for leadership.

Backlinks or external links, which is for a site or several sites to refer to your site by publishing links to your articles with them, whether by praising them or mentioning them as a reference and source, and this gives you strength and confidence in search engines, and thus gives your articles a great boost to rise in the results of the first pages.

4- Core Web Vitals

Another important factor that joined this year’s list of the main factors, and it means in short that Google paid great attention to providing the best possible experience for the visitor, both in terms of the speed of page loading, and the absence of codes or windows that cause him inconvenience while browsing, and we conclude from this that you should care about the speed of pages in your site and provide the best possible visitor experience.

5- Other Factors

There are other important factors that give your site strength and make the search engine love it, and they are in short:

  • Site security certificate.
  • The schema site and its ability to appear in Google Excerpts.
  • Bounce rate or the bounce rate on the site is simply the exit of the visitor from the first page he enters without browsing other pages. Meaning that the longer a visitor stays on your site and moves between its pages, it will help reduce the bounce rate, and this indicates that your site is popular with visitors, and therefore Google will love it.
  • The site is responsive to various devices, especially phones.
  • Linking articles to each other or the so-called internal links is of great importance in SEO.
  • The presence of the keyword in the title, description, and article format.
  • Posting topics on various social platforms.

How to write an SEO-friendly article: a practical example.

First of all, you must know that you must be able to write, whether in your language or any other language, otherwise, your topics will have misspellings and poor methods that the visitors will dislike it.

So, Google Translate I do not recommend it at all, and I do not recommend article rewriting programs, which are never accurate, and the right thing to do is to hire a writer from the micro-service sites (Example: Fiverr) for a specific amount of money, and this is a must investment, this is a real business And not a game.

After we have chosen our target word that we will write an article about, we will use the “Rank Math” extension that will help us in creating and writing content compatible with search engines.

And I want to point out a very, very important issue regarding SEO add-ons. Whether you use rank math or Yoast SEO, they are tools that run on a specific automated system that tries to be so perfect that it can damage the article.

Suppose you will target the word “how to clean appliances .” Based on the tips of the tool, you are required to put the word exactly as it is and repeat it in the titles and the article, which may harm the aesthetics of the text.

So, these tools are not Google, but through which you can improve your article well, provided that it does not harm its aesthetics.

Any article, whatever it is, consists of the following elements:

  1. The main title
  2. Text and sub-headings.
  3. Pictures – videos – links…etc.

1- The Main Title.

After searching for the keywords related to the content of our site in the form and manner that I explained in the comprehensive guide to searching for keywords, we will choose, for example, the word “benefits of Chia Seeds”.

It is a long word and it has great luck in being at the lead, based on the special analysis that I have previously explained.

It is preferable that your target word is at the beginning of the title, and you can add any related words after it. It is also preferable to be as attractive as possible in order to obtain the largest possible click rate.


  • benefits of chia seeds for weight loss
  • benefits of chia seeds in water
  • chia seeds benefits and side effects
  • benefits of chia seeds for the skin.

You can take ideas to complement your article titles by referring to the Google search engine or Keyword Planner to see other suggested keywords related to your target word.

SEO friendly article

By looking at these many suggestions, the words (chia seeds, benefits, side effects, how to) stopped me, and I will try to employ what I see fit to the context of my speech, and I found, for example:

  • chia seeds benefits and side effects

You’re supposed to be honest in your titles, and in this example, I’m assuming you’ll really share your experience.

  • benefits of chia seeds for weight loss.

This smart method enables you to catch more than one bird with one stone.

Meaning that you will be able in the future to catch many keywords related to your topic, and thus increase your chance of being ranked first in more than one word and strengthening your keyword.

Text and sub-headings.

SEO friendly article

Always make sure to include your target word in the introduction, for example:

“In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Chia Seeds, chia grows commercially in many countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Australia, and the United States”. 

Then prepare a complete outline of your article and your sub-headings as follows:

1 – The article primarily targets: “The benefits of chia seeds”, but we will expand on it in a distinctive and intelligent way in order to satisfy the reader and satisfy his desire to search for this topic.

2 – In the introduction to the article we will talk about a brief definition of chia seeds and its benefits for many young people, then we will briefly mention the common and used ways to use it, and we will talk about a simple and natural method that has proven effective in losing weight.

3 – We will talk about the composition of chia seeds and the elements that enable it to help loss weight, then we will show the correct ways to use it, we will also mention warnings of its potential side effects, and the types of issues that should be avoided.

We’ll have headlines that we need to include in the article in the form of the following examples:

  1. chia seeds benefits.
  2. benefits of chia seeds in water.
  3. benefits of chia seeds for weight loss.
  4. how to use chia seeds.
  5. chia seeds side effects in females.
  6. side effects of chia seeds.
Note: Most of these titles I chose from Keyword Planner suggestions so I grabbed and targeted more than one word since it’s very closely related to my keyword, it’s all about your orbit (chia seeds and benefits ).”

3- Sub-headings

SEO friendly article

Regarding the formatting of titles within the article, it follows its natural pattern, so that the h2 header is always the main title of the article’s paragraphs, and it is preferable that it contains your keyword, followed by the header h3 – h4 – h5 … etc. As for the h1 header, it takes the header of the article by default.

If the article targets, for example, the word “crops fertilizers”, the sub-headings will be as follows:

type of crops fertilizers  (header 2).

– Using fertilizers (header 3).

organic fertilizer (header 3).

chemical fertilizers(header 3).

epa fertilizer regulations (header 2).

And so on ….

4- Pictures and other add-ons

One of the important things that makes your articles popular with search engines is to attach them with images or videos that enhance the value of the article and give it an aesthetic and additional value.

One of the most frequently asked questions by bloggers is: Where can I get exclusive photos?

The reason for their question is the search engine’s keenness that the content be supported by exclusive images that do not violate copyright.

In general, I do not want to be strict in this part and overburden you with too much extra philosophy, and let me tell you:

If you are proficient in manipulating images in Photoshop, you can design or modify any image you choose from any source, for example, add something or cut something and so on…

If you do not have this skill, you can use many websites that provide free images that are allowed to be reused.

Such as :





but if you want my advice check it is very simple and amazing tool that every website owner need to have.

5- Tags

SEO Friendly article

With regard to those who ask about tags, there are those who advise putting them on and others who do not prefer that. Personally, I think if you put you won’t lose anything so I put it anyway.

6- ALT Text

SEO Tags

Alt text for images comes as a definition for images so that search engines can read them, or browsers read them if the images do not appear, and visually impaired people can also recognize them through audible screen readers.

Let’s take, for example, the upper picture:

Image title: SEO 5

Alt text for the image: SEO friendly article

This is a good thing and helps to arrange your site images, and I recommend that you put the alt text in the important images related to the article and keyword.

For example, in many of my articles, I put funny pictures for the reader so that he does not feel bored with the length of the paragraphs of the article, but these pictures are not related to my article that is interested in explaining things related to work on the Internet, and therefore I do not care about the alternative text of these pictures.

- Watch out for these ideas as you write an SEO-friendly article.

Many people have stopped thinking about starting a blog in the first place because of the article writing part, for reasons and justifications that I see as flimsy, such as:

  • I don’t have a talent for writing.
  • I don’t know English at all.
  • I can’t buy articles every time.
  • I don’t know how to talk to a foreign writer.

Believe me, it is very natural for you to go through these thoughts and ideas, for I also went through this stage, but the danger in the matter is that you let your thought take over you and cause you despair and helplessness, and you completely forget something called “working through the Internet”.

- Solutions for beginners

– If you do not have the talent to write, there are professional writers on the microservice sites (with multiple languages ), you can agree with them to write an article according to your needs.

If you cannot afford to invest in purchasing articles, when and how will your work progress?

Investment is a must, (buying hosting, template, advertising, marketing, articles…..) and many other things that help you develop your business quickly.

Don’t have any capital? This is a ridiculous excuse…

There are those who work in micro-services sites until they collect an appropriate amount, there are those who work in trade, and there are those who work as wage earners, and there are those who work in hard construction work.

Do not know how to deal with a foreign writer? This is the most ridiculous of all excuses…

Use Google Translate to deliver your words to the writer, and believe me he will understand you as long as you pay him the money, you will not take your English test!

- How to write an SEO friendly article: Article Sources!

1- Fiverr

If you want to write an article in any language, Fiverr offers you this service, and the beauty of this site is that you will not find any difficulty in dealing with writers since they speak your mother tongue.

To choose a distinguished writer, head to the “Writing & Translation” category, and you will find many writers offering their services for a price that suits them.

I advise you to focus on the selection of people who have positive customer reviews in the service comments, as well as whose service has received a large number of requests.

But if you are able to write, you can look at the foreign sources that talk about the topic of your article, and formulate a completely new topic based on these sources.

You can also translate content from one language to another, provided that you add your own touch to the article, increasing or decreasing it.

  • Another option is

- Writing an SEO friendly article with RankMath.

You should know very well that any SEO addition, whatever it is, is something that helps you to configure your article for the search engine well, so do not think that these additions are a secret of being ranked first, but rather consider them only as a helpful factor.

Let’s now move on to explaining the main steps of post formatting according to RankMAth notes and directions.

I put an example of an article I randomly took from the search engine, and I chose the title for it that you see in the picture, knowing that the target word is: “email marketing”.

1- Basic SEO:

rank math SEO

As you can see under Basic SEO you have 6 conditions to check:

The focused keyword must be used in:

  1. The article title.
  2. In the meta description.
  3. In the URL.
  4. Must appear in the first 10% of the content.
  5. Also through the entire content. 
  6. And last is to have an article of 700 words and above.  

2- Additional:

SEO Rank math

We will scroll to the additional tab and you can see that you need to check the following conditions:

  • Focus Keyword found in the subheading(s).
  • Focus Keyword found in image alt attribute(s) as we mentioned earlier in the Alt text section.
  • Keyword Density is 2.02, the Focus Keyword and combination appears 17 times. (the keyword is mentioned 17 times throughout the article.)
  • URL is 64 characters long. the length of the URL is good.
  • You are linking to external resources(having and a link to an external website or page is considered one of the most important rules for a good SEO).
  • At least one external link with DoFollow is found in your content.
  • We couldn’t find any internal links in your content (also here having an internal link to a page in your website is considered one of the most important rules for a good SEO bust as you can see that in this article there isn’t).
  • You haven’t used this Focus Keyword before (self-explained).

3- Title Readability:

SEO Rank Math

here also  as we can see you have 4 conditions to check:

  • Focus Keyword used at the beginning of SEO title.
  • Your title has a positive or negative sentiment.
  • Your title doesn’t contain a power word. Add at least one.
  • Your SEO title doesn’t contain a number.

4- Content Readiblity

SEO Rank Math
  • Use Table of Content to break down your text. (Having a table of content is considered a good SEO practice).
  • At least one paragraph is long. Consider using short paragraphs. (using a short paragraph is considered a good SEO practice).
  • Your content contains images and/or video(s). (having images and videos is considered a good SEO practice).

- Writing an SEO Friendly Article: Important Questions.

1 – Is there a specific plan for writing SEO-friendly articles?

The general plan is to publish an integrated article that covers all the points of interest to the researcher’s request. If the researcher writes, for example, “the best ElectricScooter” he must find an article that provides him in detail with all the answers about what he is asking for, and the end result will often be purchased through you.

2 – Is there a certain number of repetitions of the target word in the article?

Act naturally in the article without excessive cost, focus on analyzing competitors’ articles and try to write a better article than them.

3 – What is the best SEO plugin?

Personally, I use the Rank Math SEO add-on, because it has more features than Yoast in the free version and its owners are veterans in the field, and I am used to it, and you can try any other add-on, I just advise you to settle from the beginning on one add-on and do not change every time to another add-on.

4 – What is the appropriate number of words for the article?

It is preferable that your article be a comprehensive guide that covers all the ideas of the topic, and therefore it is natural for it to be long, but try not to take the time to write so that your article does not become heavy for the reader. But if the topic of the article does not deserve a long explanation, then choose a short article.

5- What do I do after publishing the article?

Marketing for it by publishing it on social media, or making advertising campaigns for it, and after a certain period of time, make a backlink for it.


Writing an article compatible with SEO is a very broad topic and one article is not enough, but I tried to focus on the important main points that will help you get started correctly in this art.

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  • if you want to learn how to make a professional website check this Guide.